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Lavender for Burns and René-Maurice Gattefossé, Father of Aromatherapy

LAVENDER is nature’s burn medication and stress reliever. When using lavender genuine results require using very high-quality products.

Lavender vibrates at a frequency of 118 MHz, very high! The healing qualities are truly supreme. When you consider that the human body vibrates at a frequency between 62 and 68 MHz, one can start to see how using lavender essential oil can be beneficial.


Born in Montchat near Lyon in 1881, René-Maurice Gattefossé is regarded as the Father of Aromatherapy.


Rene-Maurice Gattefossé

A famous French chemist and scholar, in 1910 he discovered the virtues of the essential oil of lavender. Gattefossé was working in the laboratories of the cosmetics firm owned and named after his family (of which he was to become head, and which is still in business today). He badly burned his hand during an experiment and plunged his hand into the nearest tub of liquid which just happened to be lavender essential oil. He was later amazed at how quickly his burn healed and with very little scarring. This started a fascination with essential oils and inspired him to experiment with them during the First World War on soldiers in the military hospitals. He used oils of lavender, thyme, lemon and clove for their antiseptic properties. Gattefossé noted an increase in the rate of healing in wounds treated with essential oils and that the oils seemed to be free from the disadvantages present with other antiseptic agents in use at that time.

Gattefossé developed the idea that essential oils had psychological effects and that an interplay between different oils resulted in a powerful synergy.

As the father of aromatherapy, Gattefossé wrote of his beloved essential oils: “Besides their antiseptic and bactericidal properties widely used today … essential oils possess anti-toxic and antiviral properties, have a powerful vitalizing action, and undeniable healing power and extensive therapeutic properties.”

Rene-Maurice Gattefossé advanced the new science of aromatherapy and opened the door for thousands of peer-reviewed studies of these marvelous oils.
Gattefossé is credited with coining the word “aromatherapy”.
In 1937, Gattefossé wrote a book called Aromathérapie: Les Huiles essentielles hormones végétales which was later translated into English and renamed Gattefossé’s Aromatherapy.
As a result of Gattefossé’s experiments, Dr. Jean Valet used essential oils to treat the injured soldiers during world war two with great success.
Since then, there has been numerous studies and books published on aromatherapy and the healing powers of essential oils.
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